Flatbed Towing Near Me

If you just searched for ‘flatbed towing near me’ on the web, Weston Tow Truck is a reliable partner. We are a five-star company whose number one objective is to deliver a unique and exceptional towing service to motorists in Fort Lauderdale, FL and other nearby environs, such as Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miami and Miami Gardens. We have worked on numerous projects, and our accomplishments have made us a trusted brand. We approach each task professionally, and we ensure that we have met the highest standards in the industry. Whether you need a car or motorcycle towing service, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver.


If your motorbike has developed mechanical problems and you are wondering how to ferry it to an auto repair shop, worry no more. Weston Tow Truck has the resources and expertise to deliver superb motorcycle towing service. We will recover it and transfer it above ground to your desired destination. Our flatbed tow trucks are always in top condition, are regularly serviced, and have a modern tool box with top-notch equipment to enable us to conduct any towing or roadside assistance task. We work fast, diligently and cautiously. Here, we leave nothing to chance, and we take care of your investment as if it is our own. 


The safety of our customer’s property is always top of our agenda. At Weston Tow Truck, we have implemented various safety measures. First, all our staff members undergo an intense background check before being hired. Second, all our employees go through extensive training on machinery operation, safety procedures and a tow truck driving test. Whenever you contact us, rest assured that the technician we send to you is highly qualified. For people looking for ‘flatbed towing near me’ in Fort Lauderdale, FL and other surrounding towns including Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miami and Miami Gardens, feel free to give us a call!