24 Hour Towing

If you just entered the phrase ‘tow truck near me’ on a search engine, Weston Tow Truck is a reliable company. We are a top-rated towing business committed to offering first class roadside assistance services. We take pride in our job, and we highly value our clients. As such, we ensure each of our work meets the highest industry standards. We are fully registered and insured to serve motorists in Miami, FL and other nearby places such as Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Pembroke Pines. Whether your car has broken down at night or in a remote place, our 24-hour towing services are always available.


Being stuck in the middle of the road is always an unpleasant experience. To save time and get immediate help, you need a 24-hour towing company that has your back. With Weston Tow Truck, you can comfortably forget about being stranded. We have tow trucks that are always on standby ready to be dispatched to your location. Wherever you are, our multi-skilled drivers will quickly find you, deliver the necessary assistance, and ensure your automobile is up and running. If your vehicle needs specialized attention, we can haul it away using our powerful and safe trucks. 


At Weston Tow Truck, our rates are competitive and we don’t compromise on quality. Our staff members have also been keenly vetted to ensure only trustworthy and honest people are handling your property. Whether you have an empty fuel tank, a punctured tire or a dead battery, you can call us anytime, tell us your issue and we will come equipped to tackle your problem. We appreciate client feedback and use it to make the right improvements. We serve motorists in Miami, FL and other close by towns including Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Pembroke Pines. For car owners who just searched for ‘tow truck near me’ on the web, don’t hesitate to call us now!